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College – Vocation, 2 Year, 4 Year
This page will house information in regards to going on to post-secondary education. That could be a vocational school (like NCK), that could be a community college (like Cloud County), or a 4-year university or college (like Wichita State or Kansas Weslyan).

College Visits (4 yr, 2 yr, technical)
If you would like to take a visit to a school, you will need to fill out a blue sheet in the office that you will be gone and a pink sheet in the counseling office so we can track where you’re going as well. If you are needing help setting up a visit, if you are having issues with getting to a school, please stop by the counseling office.
*Tip/Recommendation: Typically it is recommended that you take your visits in your junior year. This way you are able to further explore and be ready to apply in your senior year. You can still take visits though in your senior year. If you’re interested in a school, we’d highly recommend getting on their campus & bring a parent/guardian. If they are not able to go, stop by our office!

If you are wanting to visit a Kansas college, click the link below to see a list of almost all of the schools in Kansas with direct links to schedule a visit!

Registering for the ACT

      **Note: If you are planning on participating in college athletics, send your test scores to the eligibility centers for NCAA and/or NAIA

  • NCAA Code: 9999
  • NAIA Code: 9876

College Athletics
If you are planning on participating in college athletics, you need to be cleared through the NCAA or the NAIA Eligbility Center. There is a cost to register with these eligiblity centers, but you may qualify for a fee waiver. The current cost for NCAA Division I & II is $90; Division III is free; NAIA is $90. If you have any questions in regards to registering for eligibility, please see one of the counselors!

Links to register:
NCAA Eligibility Center
NAIA Eligibility Center

19-20 NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete
19-20 NAIA Guide for Student-Athletes
18-19 NCJAA Prospective Student Brochure

Public Institutions
The Kansas Board of Regents is the governing board of the state’s six university and the statewide coordinating board for the state’s 32 publich higher education instritutions (6 state universities, 1 municipal university, 19 community colleges, 6 technical colleges). You can see the list of schools under KBOR here.

Private Institutions
Private Institutions (like Sterling College or Kansas Weslyan) in Kansas are not governed through the Kansas Board of Regents. For information on their tuition & fees or their transferring credit information, you would have to visit their specific website or call their advising offices.

Transferring Courses
You’ve taken some college credit online or for dual credit, now what? You know you may transfer to a different school after high school, or eventually after going to a school for two years. Will that class that you took transfer? In short, maybe. If you are going in between a public institution in Kansas to another public institution, it is more likely that class may be guaranteed to transfer. You would need to refer to the transfer guides from the KBOR webiste: