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Senior Information

Senior Information/Resources/Checklist
This is a location for some announcements, links, and videos or information that you or your family may need for your senior year! Check back often as we’ll keep updating!


Class of 2022 Google Classroom
Stop by the office for the code to join!

2022 Senior Information Presentation

Applying to Colleges:
SENIORS: Pay attention to priority deadlines when you’re applying to schools. These deadlines usually apply for scholarships! If you are interested in any of these schools, you will want to have your applications completed & all other information (FAFSA, letters of recommendation, transcript, etc) turned in by these dates. Here are deadlines for some schools in Kansas:
K-State: December 1
        KU: November 1
        FHSU: November 14
        Wichita State: November 1
        Cloud: March 1
        Emporia State: February 1
        Pittsburg State: February 1
Links to KS College Application Pages

Letters of Recommendation:
When you request a letter of recommendation (LOR), it is best to request in person, but phone or email can suffice if you cannot meet with that individual personally. Ask if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation, tell them what it is for, and when you need the letter by.
Tip: If you provide that individual with a filled out BRAG sheet it can better help them to write the best recommendation letter possible.

BRAG Sheet for Letter of Recommendation (download & fill out on your computer, email or print & give to individual)

Running List of Scholarships 2021-2022 School Year
Fastweb – National Search

Financial Aid:
Need help searching for scholarships? Parents need more information about financial aid? Need information about how to save for college? Assistance for those in need? Click the link for more information!
FAFSA Process Graphic
Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources
Fill Out the FAFSA
FAFSA Questions and Topics

This is the link for the website that you need to create your FSA ID. FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID is the unique “PIN” in how you will login and save and submit informatin for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You & your parent/guardian will BOTH need to create a separate FSA ID. Below is the link, if you have any questions, please reach out to our counseling office!
1. Go to website
2. Click Create an FSA ID
Student tip: Use a personal email address and not your school email. Your school email will eventually be shut down and you will want to be sure you can still access this email account for retrieval and confirmations, etc.
Parent tip: If you have everf created an FSA ID for another student, you can use the same FSA ID.