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Going Digital with Google Classroom 

This year in Mr. Brown’s class we are going digital with one to one Chromebooks. Our  Social Studies and Spelling Curriculum will be linked to the Chromebooks and Google Classroom. Over the summer the Board of Education approved the purchase of a new Social Studies Curriculum. The new curriculum includes magazines instead of textbooks that go along with each topic. It also offers all of the magazines online that can be connected to Google Classroom. Along with the magazines being linked to Google Classroom, the online component has interactive graphics not available in the print edition.  

We will also be using Google Classroom to complete and turn in our spelling assignments and test. All of our classwork and worksheets have been turned into a Google Form that is linked to Google Classroom. So if you are wondering why you have not seen any Spelling worksheets or test sent home, ask your son or daughter to show you them on their Google Classroom. If you would still like to receive feedback it can be setup through Google Classroom to send out weekly emails. If this is something you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Concordia Elementary Art

Welcome back to the  2019-2020 school year.  I am glad to be working with all my new and returning art students. Already students are creating great works of art!  We will begin the year focusing on drawing.  I believe drawing is the basis of most successful works of art.  Other media your child will experience this year are; painting in watercolor, tempera, and acrylic for the older students.  Students will create sculpture, ceramic works, printmaking, collage, and mixed media. We will learn the elements and principles of design and how to successfully use them in our work.  Throughout the year your child will learn about the history of artist and artist techniques.  It amazes me what students can learn and remember!                

During the year I will be displaying student art throughout the school, so be sure to stop by as the artwork will change frequently.  Always feel free to visit your child’s art class.  Our door is always open!

If at any time you need to contact me the numbers are:           



Mrs. Kim Sprague

K-Fourth Grade Art Teacher


The following artworks are examples of projects students may be creating this school year:

Welcome back to school!  It’s going to be another great and exciting school year at CES.  My name is Rick Haden and I’m the physical education teacher at Concordia Elementary School.  It is a great honor and privilege to work for USD #333 and to have the opportunity to work with your children.  One of my jobs as a physical education teacher is to create active kids and teach them how to live a healthy, active lifestyle.   I do this both inside and outside of the classroom.  Inside the classroom we do various activities that develop the five components of fitness which are muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and body composition.  I also teach and develop in our students’ basics skills that are needed in team sports such as throwing, kicking, skipping, catching, jumping, and cooperation etc.  Periodically throughout this school year, each class will be given a “healthy” challenge by seeing who can be the fastest class in each grade level.  In this challenge, every class in the school will get a chance to challenge themselves and compete as a team to see which class can get the highest average number of laps around the gym in five minutes.  This fun activity is an example that allows our students to work on most, if not all of the 5 components of fitness.

Also, this year students in grades 1-4 will get a chance to learn how to have an active lifestyle outside of the classroom by participating in the School Marathon.  This will be our 6th year of having the marathon.  The CES School Marathon is scheduled to begin Monday, August 19th and finish Friday, September 27th.  What is school marathon you ask?  School Marathon is a full 26.2-mile marathon that is available for ALL Concordia Elementary school children in grades 1 – 4.  The running of the marathon will be accomplished by running one mile at a time Monday through Friday in just over a 6-week period.  The marathon course will be run on the East side of the school building and the participants will have from 7:20 AM – 8:00 AM to complete their daily mile.  As each mini-marathoner completes each 5-miles, they will receive an incentive to encourage them to keep on going until they complete all 26.2 miles  When we run our final mile, we will have a big school marathon finale to celebrate the success of the students for reaching this lofty goal.

This experience allows the students at CES to learn at an early age a way to have an active, healthy lifestyle, have fun and make great friendships.  If you would like more information about the School Marathon program or would like to volunteer and help with the program, feel free to contact me at Concordia Elementary School (785-243-8853) or email me at

I am looking forward to working with your children and hope to see many of the students of CES running the School Marathon!

Butterfly Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle

In the next couple of days, the 2nd grade students will be receiving their caterpillars in the mail!  They will be able to see the caterpillars form their chrysalis and then watch as the beautiful butterflies emerge. Throughout this process, the students will learn all about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly.   A few days after the butterflies emerge, the students will let their butterflies free on the playground.  This is always an exciting time of the year! 

Mrs. Lambert

2nd Grade Teacher