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Kindergarten students are gearing up to read! During this exciting and challenging time, the kindergarten students will be working on several skills they have may have not experienced before. Some activities the students are working on to help build these skills are recognizing word families, building words, and reading their book boxes. The kindergarten students will be bringing home books to read throughout the week. Along with their homework bags that have sight words in them. They have also been working on Lexia in Technology class and during literacy centers. This is an exciting time for students, teachers, and parents.

Student at computer  Students working in a group  Students at desk

Air -First Grade

In first grade science, we are learning all about Air. The students have explored air using several different materials such as a feather, balloon, a straw, vials, syringes, and tubing. Through these different investigations, the students have discovered that air can take up space and can be compressed, and that air can push objects around. During this unit, the students have also constructed and observed a parachute dropping through the air. We are hoping for nice weather soon to test our parachutes outside!


Student Experimenting  Student Experimenting  Student Experimenting

Students in red and whiteEvery year in 2nd grade, the students celebrate Candy Cane Day.  Candy Cane Day was held on Tuesday, December 18, 2018.  The teachers asked the students to wear red or white clothing to school.  They then participated in numerous candy cane activities throughout the day.  Some of the activities included tasting candy canes, making a graph, and watching a video about how candy canes are made.  The students really enjoyed all of the Candy Cane Day activities.


KRR Update:
By Krystin Will

It has been a busy semester at the KRR After School program! KRR students are working hard to continue to improve their readings skills and we have seen a large amount of growth from the students. During KRR, students attend three different sessions. They first attend a Healthy Kids session that includes active games that get them up and moving! After Healthy Kids they attend a Structured Read-Aloud & Vocabulary session where they work to learn new vocabulary, listen to a story and do learning activities that pair with the book. The last session is Individual Skills Reinforcement which includes fun, educational activities that reinforce the reading skills they are working on during school. Our first semester of KRR is coming to a close, the last day before Winter Break is Tuesday, December 18th. After Winter Break, the first day of KRR will be Monday, January 14th. I look forward to seeing the continued success from our KRR students as we end this semester and start a new semester in January!

CES- A Wonderful and Rewarding Place

Every year I continue to be so impressed with the amazing things that our staff and students accomplish at CES! I am truly blessed to work every day with our tremendous staff and students. As a staff, we go above and beyond on a daily basis to provide a safe and positive learning environment. Our staff truly cares about EVERY kid as a person and a student.

As education continues to evolve, we continue to think outside the box for creative ways to educate students. Technology has changed many jobs in todays society and we start to prepare our students at a young age for the future. The qualities that have not changed that employers look for are employees that can be on time, have a strong work ethic, can look people in the eye when they talk and people that have respect for other people. Our staff at CES, along with our CES parents, continue to work on these qualities along with many others to help our students be prepared and succeed in life.

Derek Holmes

                Fun things are happening in CES music class! Kindergarten has been learning about high and low sounds and how to use the range of their voices along with practicing steady beat. We used the puppets “Big Pig” and “John the Rabbit” to help us with call-and-response. The students have been taking turns demonstrating their steady beat on the guiro and the class will begin learning to keep the beat on woodblocks and rhythm sticks.

                Second and Third graders have been learning about and reviewing note letter names and the musical alphabet. The musical alphabet includes the letters A through G and repeats over and over again. The students have learned about mnemonic devices and how to use them to find where the letters go on the lines and spaces in the Treble Clef. They even came up with some interesting ones on their own! Next, the second graders will be learning about tempo and how it affects the rhythms they’ve been learning and will apply it doing tennis ball rhythm routines! Third grade will begin learning their Patriotic concert songs for their concert on January 28th.

                The First grade class has been working hard for their Christmas Concert on Monday, December 3rd at 7pm. They have been learning pitches and rhythms, how to read a director’s conducting, good concert etiquette, performance posture, and vocal and facial expression. They are excited to also show off their dance moves! Students will need to be in the CES music room by 6:45 to warm up and get situated on the risers. We hope you will enjoy the program!

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