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Once a month Concordia Elementary School fourth grade classes partner with first grade classes for “Buddy Reading”.  These times are filled with enthusiastic activity, active listening, and engaged learning for both age groups.

During the “Buddy Reading” class, each fourth grader is paired with a first grade student.  The one-on-one session focuses on reading a book together, discussing various literary elements, writing and drawing in a journal, and testing the first grader’s comprehension of the book.  Fourth graders practice leadership skills as they become the lead teachers during the session.  Cooperation and collaboration are fostered through the journaling time of writing and illustrating favorite parts in the story or the main idea in the book.

“Buddy Reading” is a high interest motivational time. Some favorite book sets shared are Clifford the Big Red Dog books, Curious George books, Bernstein Bear books, and Arthur books.   When first and fourth graders get together, reading is enjoyed by all. 



Brown and HittleFor the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year students in Mr. Brown’s class will get to experience two teacher for the price of one.  Mr. Skyler Hittle will be joining Mr. Brown this semester as a Student Teacher. As the semester progresses he will transition from an observer in the classroom, to leading lesson and eventually taking over the day to day duties of an educator. Skyler is a 2014 graduate of Concordia High School where he was an exceptional athlete and class president. He is currently in his last semester at Fort Hays State University. While at FHSU he was a competitor on the  wrestling team and a student assistant coach. He will graduate in December of 2018 with degree in Elementary Education, with an endorsement in Social Studies. After completing his degree and meeting the requirement  he will be a Jr. High Social Studies teacher at USD 333.  We are excited to have Skyler back in the district and believe he will be an excellent addition to the phenomenal staff.



We are off to a great and exciting start here at Concordia Elementary School! I am so glad to be working with all of the students here. Students have been working hard as we get into the science and social studies curriculum in third grade. In science students have been learning about seeds. As they started the unit students completed a seed search where they opened up different fruits to find similarities and differences between the seeds inside. As part of this experiment, students also had to count how many seeds that each fruit had. They were amazed to find how many seeds were in a cantaloupe and strawberry. Students are keeping track of all that they are learning in their science notebooks. This is a great way for students to go back and look at all they have learned.

In social studies we have started our map skills unit. Students have been exploring the world map and globe to look at continents, countries, oceans, and seas. They have also been working with the compass rose to find different locations on the map. They worked through a treasure map using different symbols and following clues (including cardinal directions) in order to find out where and what the treasure was.

Throughout this year students will be completing many different science experiments and social studies projects. I look forward to seeing all the things students will learn and how much they will grow.

Mrs. Kinsey Cox

School: 243-8853


The following are pictures are of students working on their science experiment of searching for seeds.




From the Elementary Art Department

Welcome back to the  2018-2019 school year.  I am glad to be working with all my new and returning art students. Already students are creating great works of art!  We will begin the year focusing on drawing. I believe drawing is the basis of most successful works of art. Other media your child will experience this year are; painting in watercolor, tempera, and acrylic for the older students.  Students will create sculpture, ceramic works, printmaking, collage, and mixed media. We will learn the elements and principles of design and how to successfully use them in our work. Throughout the year your child will learn about the history of artist and artist techniques.  It amazes me what students can learn and remember!

During the year I will be displaying student art throughout the school, so be sure to stop by as the artwork will change frequently.  Always feel free to visit your child’s art class. Our door is always open!

Mrs. Kim Sprague        

The following artwork are examples students may create in Kindergarten -Fourth Grade.

Kindergarten drawing/painting of Bluedog inspired by Author, Illustrator, George Rodrique

First Grade painting, Vincent vanGogh inspired, “Starry Night”.

Second Graders studied artist Claude Monet and created their own Monet subject painting.

Third Grade created a Senufo Cloth, inspired by artist of the Ivory Coast of West Africa.

Fourth Grade learns about Artist, Georgia O’Keeffe and draws an abstract flower or skull subject.

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