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As school is ending I am sure we are all ready for a break.  It will be a nice break from doing homework packs every night, reading, flash cards, spelling practice, and all the other homework duties. Breaks are good and family time is important. As an educator and as a parent myself I encourage families to look for learning opportunities throughout their summer activities.  We spent a lot of time on the road in the summer so we spent a lot of time doing stuff in the car. Whatever you decide to do, most important of all, enjoy your family time! Have a great summer!

Mrs. Whitley


On Wednesday, May 8th the Concordia Elementary School hosted Career Day for the 2nd-4th grade students.  There were 16 career presenters from the community.  The career presenters were Vonley Frey (Prairieland Electric Lineman), Laura Krier (Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent), Alex Luecke (Hood Heating and Air), Casey Richard (Field Sales Agronomist at Central Valley Ag), Nick Jackson (Republican Valley Landscape), Anna Jackson (Anna Jackson Photography), Jenna Wise and Haley Ward (Fusions- Cosmetology), DeVon and Dena Benfer (Dairy Farmer), Maria LeDuc (United Bank and Trust), Traci Vignery (United States Postal Service), Steve Schroeder (Athletic Trainer at Cloud County Community College), Jennifer Eitzmann (Radiologic Technology), Lori Kemling (Physical Therapist), Kelsey Mugler (Medical Laboratory Science), Todd Robinson (Game Warden) and Dr. Taylor Crandall, DVM (Tallgrass Veterinarian).  

The students were able to choose and attend four different career presentations to learn about their field of work.  The students learned about what training is required in their career, what their work schedule is like on a day-to-day basis, what their work environment is like and what special skills they would need to be successful in this area of work.  The career presenters explained what some of the rewarding, fun and even challenging aspects of their careers were.  The career presenters did an awesome job interacting with all of the students.  The students were very excited and learned a lot from our career presenters.  CES wants to send a HUGE thank you to our career presenters for donating time out of their busy schedule to attend Career Day and speak with our students! 


2nd Grade Mother’s Day Tea Program and Hatching Chicks

        The second graders have been busy rehearsing and preparing for their annual Mother’s Day Tea program.  The program will take place in each individual teacher’s classroom on Friday, May 10th.

The students in my classroom have been working hard for the last month to memorize their speaking parts for the big day.  The student’s will present the program for their special guest and afterwards serve them cake and refreshments, and give a very special Mother’s Day gift.

In addition to preparing for our Mother’s Day tea program we have an exciting addition in our classroom.  Kelly and Theresa Bledsoe have donated eggs for the second graders to hatch.  We have twenty-eight eggs in our incubator, and plan to have baby chicks hatching on or around May 13th.  Throughout the twenty-one days we will discuss the life cycle of a chick, study the different parts of an egg, and even candle the eggs to see the growing embryo.

We will house the chicks in our classroom for about a week.  Kelly and Theresa will come to Concordia Elementary School to show the kids a hen and a rooster of the same breed of chicks we hatched, so they can see what the baby chicks will grow up to look like as adults.


Rebecca Cyphers




Notes from the Music Department

By Stuart Roegge

Wow!  It is hard to believe that the end of the year is coming fast.  Things seem to be winding down for most. But in the music department we are ramping up!  We have two concerts that Mrs. Metcalfe and myself are diligently preparing for. The first concert is the Fourth Grade Concert that is on Tuesday, May 14th in the CES Gym.  This concert starts at 7:00 pm and shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes. The kids will need to be in their homerooms by 6:45 to be ready. The Concert attire is simply nice clothes (khakis and such.)  They may wear nice shorts if they would like, of if the ladies would to like to wear dresses they may. We would appreciate it if students did not wear sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts with writing, or athletic shorts.  Also, no flip-flops please. Sneakers, sandals, flats, etc. are fine.

The Kindergarten concert is the night of Monday, May 20th.  Kindergarten is to meet in their classrooms at 6:30. The concert/graduation begins at 7pm and the kids should dress in nice clothes (like church clothes). Concert preview for the school will be Friday, May 17 from 1:00-1:30.

The 4th graders are also beginning to do instrument selections for Band for next year.  These nights will be in the next couple weeks and letters should be coming home with the time and date of each students selection time.

We hope to see all of you at our concerts later this month and really enjoy working with your kiddos.  A big thank you to all that you do as parents to make our jobs so much easier.




by Heather Rogge

Time. There is never enough of it in a day-it passes too quickly. This life lesson students will learn soon enough, but for now Mrs. Rogge’s 2nd graders learned the basics of how to tell time. They know the little hand is called the hour hand, and the big hand is the minute hand. They know how to tell which hour space the hour hand is in and how to find the minute to the nearest five minutes. To practice what they learned, students played matching games, did a clock walk, and even made a human clock (see the picture). From these activities, students learned another life lesson...time flies when you’re having fun!


On March 1st kindergarten students celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  The day will was filled with Dr. Seuss themed activities and lots of rhyming! The kindergarteners had some special visitors from the high school JAG program complete a fun goldfish graphing activity with them. The Cat in the Hat even made an appearance to pass out some treats! During reading centers, students made a rhyming words hat and in math we added green eggs and ham. The students finished the day with  green egg cookies for snack.

Miss Anderson

Mrs. Popelka’s class has been working on place value and writing numbers in expanded form. Students completed a math craftivity that showcased their understanding on how to “expand” their numbers in written form.

Student workingGroup pictureBoy working


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