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During the month of December, the first-grade students learned all about Gingerbread Men. We incorporated reading and math into this unit. Some of the Gingerbread stories we read were “The Gingerbread Man”, “The Gingerbread Girl”, and “The Gingerbread Baby” just to name a few! The students loved listening to all the different gingerbread stories. The students even completed an at-home project with their parents where they dressed up their own gingerbread boy or girl! To end our unit, the students, got to taste gingerbread cookies! We even created a graph over our first bite! We would like to thank PIE for covering the cost of the cookies! We appreciate their support! 

Student SnowmenWhen My Snowman Turned Into Frosty Writing Project – Third Grade

Third graders have been working hard as they wrote about “When My Snowman Turned Into Frosty.” Each student had their own spin to their story as to what they did when their snowman came to life. We went through each step of the writing process, so students were able to take the time to edit their work. This allowed students to see how they could make adjustments to their story as they needed to. It has been fun to hear students read their stories and see where their imaginations took them as they were writing!  Students working on Snowmen

Kindergarten STEM Activities

During the first nine weeks of kindergarten, students have been engaged in STEM activities. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These activities encourage children to be problem solvers, thinkers and builders, also improving skills such as logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition and creativity.

A few of these activities include: Magnatiles, building straws, Legos, comb blocks, blocks and “Magic Flakes” building wheels. In my classroom, building straws are  a favorite! Kindergarten students have really enjoyed these new materials.

Students buildingStudent with projectStudents at a table

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