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Being a parent of several children that had special learning abilities, I learned the importance of keeping up with Reading and Math during summer break. Our community has several opportunities for students to keep in the swing of reading during the summer. I took them to various library programs in the community. We checked out books and participated in library contests.

I used every opportunity while traveling to slip in Math and Reading. While on the road look for letters of the alphabet, read road signs, or find license plates from different states and have them color them in on a blank U.S. map.

Having children help with cooking gives them the opportunity to practice measuring and fractions. Many students do not know how to tell time on an analog clock so keep it fresh for them and practice.

There are many computer learning games free online that kids can do for fun as well. I don’t know very many kids that don’t like electronics so have them earn some game time by learning first.

Summer is busy and it should be fun but the Fall  is a lot easier if for the children and you as a parent if you keep their minds fresh with learning during the summer. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

On Wednesday, May 2nd the Concordia Elementary School hosted Career Day for the 2nd-4th grade students.  There were 15 career presenters from the community.  The career presenters were Amber Farha (City Finance Director), Shirley LeDuc (Optometric Assistant at Dr. Kueker's office), Spencer Farha (Cloud County Community College Instructor), Ashley Tobald (Sheriff's Deputy), Sheriff Brian Marks, David Sprague (Information Technology at the Motherhouse), Mayra Brooks (Registered Nurse), Chuck Lambertz (Fresh Perspective Counseling-Licensed Clinical Social Worker, former Mayor and current Commissioner), Adam Holbert (Kyle Railroad), Sarah Chavey (Moody Hue Studio/Artist), Jen Schroeder (Cloud County Community College Librarian), Lowell Thoman (Area Farmer), Brandt Hutchinson (5th grade teacher/High School Head Baseball Coach), Toby Nosker (Radio Broadcasting 1390 KNCK), Dr. Jordan Aggson (Chiropractor) and John Christensen (Firefighter/Paramedic). 

The students were able to attend four different career presentations to learn about their field of work.  The students learned about what training is required in their career, what their work schedule is like on a day-to-day basis, what their work environment is like and what special skills they would need to be successful in this area of work.  The career presenters explained what some of the rewarding, fun and even challenging aspects of their careers were.  The career presenters did an awesome job interacting with all of the students.  The students were very excited and learned a lot from our career presenters.  CES wants to send a HUGE thank you to our career presenters for donating time out of their busy schedule to attend career day and speak with our students! 

Reflections of a Reading Teacher

By Kathy Mitchell

     As the school year 2017-18 draws to a close and I am retiring after many years of being a Title 1 Reading teacher, I’ve been reflecting on my many years as a reading teacher in USD 333. One of the things I enjoyed the most during my years as a Title 1 reading teacher was when I worked with kindergarten students at Washington and Lincoln Elementary schools and I was known as “the big book lady” because I developed a program funded in part by a Duclos grant of reading the large sized books of fairy tales and other fun stories in which I attempted to instill a love of reading as well as learning all about print and exposing children to stories they had not heard. We had fun reading other versions of Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, etc. as well as acting out many fun stories such as Mrs. Wishy Washy.  I recently had a college student come up to me and tell me that he remembered me reading the big book stories to his kindergarten class. Reading should be FUN!

     Other years that were very satisfying were the years I taught individual first graders in our STAR Reading program based on the Reading Recovery program. I had each student for 30 minutes a day and the students worked on sight words, read leveled books and wrote a sentence about the story they were reading and worked on other beginning reading skills. It was so rewarding to see a child’s growth in reading in a semester’s time. It is so very important for a child to become a fluent reader because as the saying painted on the wall of the reading room says…..”Learn to read….Read to learn” is so true.

     When I’m retired I’m hoping to spend some of my “free” time to volunteer to listen to first graders who need extra practice with reading. Well, what would you expect a retired reading teacher to be doing? And of course, I shall being doing some extra reading of my own!


StudentsThe second graders have been practicing for the annual Mother’s Day Tea program.  Every second grade class will be putting on a program in their classroom on Friday, May 11th.  The students in my classroom have been working towards memorizing their parts, and singing a few songs for the special day, dedicated to our mom’s or a special female guest.  On Friday, May 11th, Mrs. Cyphers, Mrs. Lambert, and Mrs. Rogge’s students will be performing their program at 1:30.  Mrs. Koester and Mrs. Moore’s students will be doing their program at 2:30. 

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