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by Heather Rogge

Time. There is never enough of it in a day-it passes too quickly. This life lesson students will learn soon enough, but for now Mrs. Rogge’s 2nd graders learned the basics of how to tell time. They know the little hand is called the hour hand, and the big hand is the minute hand. They know how to tell which hour space the hour hand is in and how to find the minute to the nearest five minutes. To practice what they learned, students played matching games, did a clock walk, and even made a human clock (see the picture). From these activities, students learned another life lesson...time flies when you’re having fun!


On March 1st kindergarten students celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  The day will was filled with Dr. Seuss themed activities and lots of rhyming! The kindergarteners had some special visitors from the high school JAG program complete a fun goldfish graphing activity with them. The Cat in the Hat even made an appearance to pass out some treats! During reading centers, students made a rhyming words hat and in math we added green eggs and ham. The students finished the day with  green egg cookies for snack.

Miss Anderson

Mrs. Popelka’s class has been working on place value and writing numbers in expanded form. Students completed a math craftivity that showcased their understanding on how to “expand” their numbers in written form.

Student workingGroup pictureBoy working


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