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Mrs. Popelka’s class has been working on place value and writing numbers in expanded form. Students completed a math craftivity that showcased their understanding on how to “expand” their numbers in written form.

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Third graders have been working hard in math. This quarter alone they have been working on area, perimeter, lines, shapes and fractions. Along with all this new material they have have been practicing on becoming fluent in their multiplication facts. All these skills will help come state assessment time. 

The third grade teachers highly encourage parents to study with their children nightly on their multiplication facts. This is a critical skill for third graders to learn. We ask that they spend 5 minutes a night practicing. This will help build their fluency. 

Miss Balthazor

Along with Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, February is dental month. Throughout the month, we have been reading stories about teeth and tooth fairies.  We talked about how we should take care of our teeth.  To wrap up the unit on teeth, the kids wrote several things they do to keep their teeth healthy and clean.  They made a mouth and they glued marshmallows for teeth.  It was hard to keep the kids from eating them. J  We want to thank Dr. Kueker’s Dentist Office for the tooth charts.  The kids were able to keep track when they brushed their teeth.  We also want to thank Colgate for supplying new tooth brushes and tooth paste.

Mrs. Peltier and 1st grade class

Toothbrushes for Dental Month Student letters Students doing crafts


Kindergarten students celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th.  They had a fun day listening to Valentine stories and doing activities. In Math they sorted conversation hearts by color and then graphed them.  They delivered their Valentine cards to their friends.  They ended the day with a Valentine Party.  It was a very exciting day!


Students Creating Valentines

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3rd Grade Jedi

Mrs. Nease’s third grade students have been learning about the force. Students participate in Foss Science investigations while learning about magnetism. The activities include working with magnets to discover the magnetic field and its forces. Students learn about a magnet’s poles attracting and repelling. To become a Jedi they had to complete the task of the “Floating Paperclip”.  Attaching a paperclip to a stationery magnet then slowly pulling the paperclip away displaying the magnetic field leaving the paperclip suspended in the air. Pulling further induces another force “Gravity”. Each student observed the task then completed it individually. The force is strong with third grade.

            Special education provides a variety of services to meet student’s needs. One of the services we provide is called inclusion. When a student receives inclusion services they are receiving instruction in the general education classroom. A special education teacher or para will be in the classroom with the student providing the needed supports for the student to succeed.

            Some examples of supports that may be provided in the classroom include assistance with: note taking both for content and writing notes quickly, reading text directions and answer stems, support for behavior and social skills and prompts for class participation.

            Special Education strives to provide the student an appropriate education in  the least restrictive environment possible. For many students inclusion services are enough support to learn and can remain with their peers in the general education classroom. On occasion, some students require a modification of curriculum to meet their special needs and may need to receive specialized instruction in the special education classroom.

Heidi Bivens

Students at CES Celebrate Kansas Day

            The last week in January, Mrs. Gile’s class along with many other students at CES, enjoyed learning about the great state of Kansas.  Students learned that on January, 29th, 1861 Kansas joined the Union and became the 34th state to join the United States.

            Mr. Holmes informed the students at morning assembly that the state of Kansas is often referred to or known as the “wheat state” because of the vast bushels produced every year.  And once again, the students and teachers joined together in singing “Home on the Range” before leaving gym.  

  Students studied many facts about our great state and colored symbols, including the buffalo, cottonwood tree, honeybee, Western meadowlark, salamander, sunflower, and box turtle.

            Mrs. Gile’s class ended their day with a party celebrating Kansas’s 158th birthday with a sunflower birthday cake.


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