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Students at CES Celebrate Kansas Day

            The last week in January, Mrs. Gile’s class along with many other students at CES, enjoyed learning about the great state of Kansas.  Students learned that on January, 29th, 1861 Kansas joined the Union and became the 34th state to join the United States.

            Mr. Holmes informed the students at morning assembly that the state of Kansas is often referred to or known as the “wheat state” because of the vast bushels produced every year.  And once again, the students and teachers joined together in singing “Home on the Range” before leaving gym.  

  Students studied many facts about our great state and colored symbols, including the buffalo, cottonwood tree, honeybee, Western meadowlark, salamander, sunflower, and box turtle.

            Mrs. Gile’s class ended their day with a party celebrating Kansas’s 158th birthday with a sunflower birthday cake.